The seven Keys to Healing, Seeing,
and Manifesting your Hidden Potential

With Bestselling Author and Energy Medicine Expert

Rhys Thomas

A 6-Module Virtual Training

Align your chakras with your highest purpose to “See”
beyond the surface of life and deep into the heart of it.

Learn how to access our inner vision and wisdom to awaken your hidden potential, to heal your core wounds and to step fully out of the darkness to enter into the light.

You cannot heal
what you cannot see

Read below to find out about Harnessing the Healing Power of the Chakras with Rhys Thomas

Is your life flying by and you want to get off the conveyor belt and smell the roses more?

Will you like to know more on how to use clarity and inner guidance in making big decisions for your life?

Do you occasionally feel moments of brilliance and purpose, but all of a sudden something is blocking you from seeing your goals all the way through?

What if, the path to real clarity and inspired action begins with shifting from watching life pass you by through your eyes, to “seeing” through the chakras that align you with your soul purpose and life’s work?

The chakras are the eyes of the divine and it has been practiced for thousands of years by seers and leaders in every culture.  Thankfully, the secret can be yours too.

To see life through “God’s Eyes” is to perceive all of life, not as an event you are watching out there, but as a full-bodied experience of connectedness and spiritual awakening.

Once you open to this new way of living and “seeing” and feeling your purpose in the world, your entire orientation as to how you will fulfill your potential, heal your past, and create your future will forever be changed.

Do you know that your chakras are the gateways
in achieving all your purpose in life?

Now, how do you begin the process of shifting from simply gazing at life as a bystander on your mobile phone to fully entraining your chakras and energy into achieving your highest purpose at the moment?

Rhys Thomas is an award winning bestselling author, speaker, and energy medicine trainer who has created a fully integrated approach between life, body, mind, energy field and purpose which he calls Seeing Through God’s Eyes.

Rhys has developed a sophisticated set of practices to help you open up these channels, to clear you of any substance that might be blocking your clarity and eventually, to bring your daily experience into coherence with divine wisdom.


One of the ways Rhys activates this life vision in you is through the use of crystal bowls combined with guided mediation.  He uses this technique to bypass what he likes to call the white noise of the brain. Rhys also helps you to access the visions and intuitive information contained in each chakra center.

More than just the strong healing therapy, crystal bowl work also creates a massive shift in perception by moving you beyond the limitations of the thinking mind and awakening you spiritually.

In this expanded energy and mental state, you will see your life perched on the top of a mountain… what had before been hidden is now seen… and you will receive insights into the reasons you’ve called certain experiences into your life.

You will now re-awaken a muscle memory of this awakened state of consciousness physically , emotionally and psychologically in order to live your higher purpose and share your brilliance.


The central principle of Rhys’ chakra teaching is that chakras are inextricably linked to your soul purpose.  Rhys will not only show you how to see each of the 7 chakras, in you and in the world, but also create a visual map pulling them all together into a larger vision of how they all serve your authentic purpose.

When all the seven chakras are opened and connected, you can then heal the longstanding core issues and imbalances, Rhys calls vows, that are holding you back from living your life — and your soul purpose — to the fullest.

The crucial step in taking back your power and energy hidden in the chakras is by discovering how to see and heal the blockages in your chakras from there you will then create a permanent and lasting change in many areas of your life.

In Seeing through the divine eyes of the chakras, Rhys will instruct you on how to have direct perception of these old defensive patterns that have been stopping you from living the life your soul intends for you.


Rhys Thomas, the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute, has turned the art of energy medicine into a science of personal empowerment. His practical integrated system draws from his decades of study of martial arts, coaching and playing professional tennis which gave him a new perspective on the mind, body, emotions and energy field integration.

Through his work with thousands of students, Rhys discovered that people who make a difference in this world have a lot in common. They’re not controlled by the better opinion of others, they’re living and being called by a deep inner vision and mission.

If you’re committed to stepping into the next version of you where you have a better relationship, good health, a deepest soul-level vision for your life and you’re ready to heal yourself, make your creative vision a reality; serve and inspire others around you, Rhys will show you how to unlock the psychic and healing vision of your chakras by assimilating this information through your energy system to live your dreams. 

Following Rhys’ step by step direction, you will shift your focus and see yourself and the world through the eyes of God.  When you do, you will experience a synergy between your soul and your life.  You will become the healer and the creator of your life when you have a clarity of purpose and the energy to make it happen.

When you say “YES” to this awakening and evolutionary journey, you’ll discover how to see through the eyes of the divine and unlock the mysteries of the world around and within you.



Discover how to shift your attention from looking for your purpose to “Seeing” all your path and purpose around you unfolding effortlessly
Access the infinite creativity and brilliance hiding within you
Understand how your soul calls you through your chakras to the life you were born to lead
Discover your clarity, power and purpose in life
Explore the world again with new eyes, new passion and a new vision of why you are here to contribute
Heal your past by Seeing” in the present. Healing shifts your vision of past events and heals them without pain or struggle.
Increase your vibration, energy and consciousness to stand above your current vision of your life



Through your first chakra you will see the power of presence in all people and things


In the second chakra, You will see yourself and the world as sensational


The third chakra talks about your unique gifts as a free path of effortless action in the service of your highest purpose


In the fourth chakra, you will open your heart and see with the eyes of love and compassion


In the fifth chakra, you will see the truth like a rainbow connecting you to others


The sixth chakra will help you to see through the fog of unknowing with clarity and vision


The seventh chakra will help you to see the divine looking back at you in the eyes of others

What you will get from the (6) 90 minute Modules

In this 7-part transformational training, Rhys will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and spiritual competencies that you will need to fully open, see and heal your chakras and to see how important clarity is in being able to choose and stay the path of your highest purpose.

Each session builds on the last and guides you through the spiritual science of the chakra system which is the core of all life transformation.  

MODULE ONE: The Introduction/First Chakra —
Seeing and Loving Reality

In module one, Rhys will take you on a journey into your own divine nature.

Here, you will be introduced to the 7 chakra system—the ones most people are familiar with–as well as the 5 deeper spiritual centers.

This module will prepare you to see through the chakras with a powerful meditation designed specifically to open your vision in each one.

Chakra One — The beauty of reality  

The first chakra is like a tree. It is majestic and powerful, solid and unmoving, alive and thriving, simple and loving. It is the embodiment of intelligence and function. Everything you encounter in the world has within it, a secret, for you. To “see” through your first chakra is to become real and is to take your place in your tribe and the world.


“See” within all form of deeper purpose and wisdom for existing


Experience the joy of being and living in your body and on the planet


Feel and see yourself and all sentient beings as children of the world


Connect and feel how your presence alone is part of your purpose


Sense the purpose of others simply by “seeing” their purpose hiding behind their physical presence


Discover how your family vows have shut down your ability to feel the importance of who you really are


The first chakra meditation will assist you in experiencing all forms of life as within you and not separate from you

MODULE TWO: Chakra Two — Seeing the Energy and Passion

In the East, it is generally believed that everything is connected to an extent in which the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can trigger a hurricane on the other side of the planet. It is in the second chakra that you can feel both the butterfly flapping and the hurricane spinning and know that they both influence your life. Within your second chakra lies your ability to feel your soul’s needs and desires, to let the world in through all of your senses, to fill those needs, to become aware of the life flowing through you and how it fills you. All of life’s experiences are sensations of some kind and therefore are “seen” through chakra 2.

Learn to “see” your emotions and the emotions of others as simply energy moving and growth not pain and suffering


Experience the joy of being and living in your body and on the planet


Expand your ability to sense your deepest desires and callings and also to awaken your passion and sense of purpose


Find new joy, passion and playfulness in your sensuality and sexuality


Use crystal bowls to feel the chakra in you and in others and also to know how to read their overall experience


See how the vows responsible for holding back your emotions or hiding your feelings has led to a loss in feelings and how to heal it


Learn how the chakra 2 meditation will expand your psychic ability to feel and be guided through your senses

MODULE THREE: Chakra Three — Seeing the Radiant Sun as an Embodied  Truth

Look at everything in your life that makes you unique in the world and you will see your third chakra. Your third chakra is your power to take action on your deepest desires. The ones that fill you with passion and serve your soul’s purpose.

Awaken within you the ability to “see” the soul light radiating from every sentient being on the planet


Discover that your real power and ability to find inner peace is directly proportional to your willingness to see your own uniqueness and honor the uniqueness in others


Free yourself of the habit of being what others want you to be


Learn how the chakra 3 meditation brings clarity and purpose to your actions and life mission

MODULE FOUR: Chakra Four — Seeing the Loving Connection and Vulnerability

Love is not given, it is radiated out of an open heart. The heart is the balance point in the system of the seven chakras. It compassionately sees the other six chakras as its children to be nurtured with cared for through the eyes of love.

“See” the radiant power of light and love in every heart


Open your heart, “ask and you shall be given” the kind of love you have always desired


“See” your relationships through the lens of love, to heal with a glance, to forgive with a word, and to melt into the arms of love


Learn how the heart brings all the energy centers into balance


Experience a crystal bowl heart meditation to connect with unconditional love


Heal any heart breaks and patterns of holding back in the heart

MODULE FIVE: Chakra Five —
Seeing the Creative Force of the Word

The fifth chakra is the center of your creative self-expression. To “see” through the 5th chakra is to see how your words sow the seeds of love or of fear into the tapestry of all life.

See” the voice of your entire energy field channeling through your 5th chakra planting the seeds of your soul purpose in the minds of others


Become a conscious creator by speaking passionately about your clarity of vision and mission


“See” who you are lying about, who you really are and how to become impeccable with your words


“See” what chakra is speaking for better communication


“See” when it is time to speak and when it is time to listen


Dive into the chakra 5 chanting meditation with crystal bowls to awaken your creative force

MODULE SIX: Chakra Six and Chakra Seven —
Seeing the Divine

The sixth chakra, also known as the mind’s eye or third eye, is the center of clairvoyant sight where spiritual guidance flashes into awareness. Its job, spiritually, is to assimilate all the wisdom of the other chakras and choose where and when to express them in the world.

When you “see” through the 7th chakra, all of life and everything that has happened to us is seen to have a divine purpose. We are open to infinite possibility.  Imagination, mystery and the ability to give meaning to the infinite are the gifts of the seventh chakra.


Access the ability to “see” with clarity your true place in the world of relationships, work, and health.


Be your own psychic “seer” by “seeing” through all of your chakras


“See” how your fear-based vows have clouded your thinking and how you see yourself in the world - free your mind and you free your spirit.


“See” yourself surrounded by infinite possibilities and divine beauty


Let go of any darkness or depression


Know what is it like to “see the world in a grain of sand and hold infinity in an hour”


The chakra 6 and 7 crystal bowl meditation will open you up to access the light of the soul right through the crown of the head. It also awakens your inner vision and mission


In addition to 6-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful bonus materials.

 These bonuses support you in going even deeper into the course — and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

BONUS: The 12 Gateways to Your Life Purpose

Ebook ($25 value)

This 150-page e-book is the foundational teaching around chakras and the energy field used in the Rhys Thomas Institute. Rhys’ chakra work is cutting edge and integrates both ancient and current scientific and sound healing techniques.   

Take a new look at the seven primary chakras and be introduced to the five spiritual centers that hold the core energy and contracts for your higher purpose in life.

BONUS: Being a Creator Meditation

Crystal Bowl Audio Meditation ($20 value)

This powerful audio meditation can change your life in one session.   Rhys uses uplifting crystal bowl music and guides you to integrate the energy of the soul with your emotional desire… the result? Ability to manifest your dream in a blink of an eye.  The Creator Meditation is a journey into the field of infinite possibility. Let the miracles happen

BONUS: Heart Healing for Self Love

Crystal Bowl Audio Recording ($15 value)

This crystal bowl audio is blended with voices of healers to take you on a healing journey that will awaken your heart and bring it back into its rightful place as balancer and healing agent in the chakra system. In full-spectrum healing, a healer shifts their energy field to vibrate at specific chakra frequencies to address certain imbalances. In this audio, the tones and vibrations create an energetic pattern of healing that helps energize and balance the heart with all the other chakras. Just put the recording on, lay back, and feel your body being emotionally healed and the result is a deep sense of inner peace.

BONUS: Rhys Method ® Life Purpose Profiles Quick Test

You’ll receive this new Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles Quick Test which is absolutely free along with your registration for the course. The purpose of this profile assessment is to help you uncover which of the 5 Life Purpose Profiles is operating most strongly in your life. This will be an important piece of the puzzle as we will talk about your chakras and what they are here to connect with in life (hint, it will have something to do with your purpose!)

ONLY $197

or 2 easy payments of $113.50 each

What People Are Saying About Rhys Thomas…

Rhys Thomas is a brilliant teacher with an uncommon and sage like ability to see you, who you truly are and what your great potential is, and shine it up to diamond like brilliance.
Daintry Jensen LMT

I wanted to find my life purpose and I thought that would lead me to a new career path… but now I realize that living in my core is not about my job, or what other people think about me. I’m learning to be happy just as I am and feeling worthy by just being here.
Stephanie Chen

I found a place and space to go deeper — where my real self and soul resides.

If you’ve been jumping from one program to the next, LAND HERE. You’ll never need another program.
Dr. Karen

I learned not to be pushed around by the thoughts in my mind, but be led by the desires in my heart.
Chris Johnson

If you are looking for balance and enlightenment, look no further than [Rhys Thomas’ work].

Finding life purpose by finding and arranging missing pieces of myself. So wonderful to learn and understand myself so I could move forward.
Lydia Kirchthorn

I was literally rocked to the core through this amazing process.

This is a rare Opportunity to join

Rhys Thomas is an award winning bestselling author, speaker, and energy medicine trainer who has created a fully integrated approach between life, body, mind, energy field and purpose that he delivers in year long trainings at the Rhys Thomas Institute.

It is rare to catch Rhys outside of his extensive work at the Rhys Thomas Institute west of Boston, Massachusetts, but in this online format, you will not only get Rhys’ unique teaching brilliance but you will also get the opportunity to have a live Zoom video session with him where you can ask him any  question in real time.


If you’re serious about “HARNESSING THE HEALING POWER OF THE CHAKRAS” so you can share your unique gifts with the world and serve and inspire others, then you owe it to yourself, to your loved ones, and to the world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself,
kindly click on the register button below to reserve your space.

ONLY $197

or 2 easy payments of $113.50 each

Rhys Thomas has built on earlier psychological models, embedded them into a spiritual context, and crafted a practical guide for navigating through the five primary orientations toward life. By showing you how to move through the challenges of your own natural orientation, and how to embrace its potentials, he provides a valuable guide toward a richer life.
Donna Eden & David Feinstein, PhD, Co-authors of Energy Medicine and the Energies of Love

Rhys Thomas is a visionary author of the International Best Selling Book, Discover Your Purpose: How to Use the 5 Life Purpose Profiles to Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Live the Life You Were Meant to Live. He is a speaker and trainer in the energy healing field and the creator of the Rhys Method® transformational system that is taught exclusively at the Rhys Thomas Institute and Rhys Method® coaching programs.

Rhys has 20 years of experience in energy healing and transformational practice. He founded the Rhys Thomas Institute in 2005 where he teaches hundreds of students each year on how to get clarity of their soul’s purpose, and the energy and courage to live it every day.

He is a certified energy medicine practitioner, 2nd Degree Black Belt with 25 year Martial Arts Training and a Reiki Master. Before entering the healing arts, he had a successful 27-year career as a tennis professional and was a national speaker for the tennis industry.


Q: What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction with Rhys Thomas Institute and this course is our highest priority! We offer refunds up to 21 days in the program.  To request a refund, please click here to submit your request for the refund. Your refund will be processed within five business days and we will send you an email confirmation when your refund has been completed. However, we’d love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first. If there is something we can assist you with, please email us at, and we’ll be glad to help!

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?
If there is something we can assist you with, please email us at, and we’ll be glad to help!
Q: What if I’m new to the world of chakras?
No need to worry. If you are called to energy healing and new to the whole process, this course will give you an amazing foundation that you will not get anywhere else.  Rhys will begin from the beginning and you will learn easily what a chakra is and how to support yours in living in your highest purpose and health.
Q: What if I’ve worked with Rhys before, why is this program different?
This is work that Rhys himself only offers in the 3rd year of the Life Mastery Program and only on weekends.  He is offering this program because he feels that there is a need for full training.  Even if you have the basics of seeing the chakras this will take you much deeper.
Q: What if I’m an experienced healer and use the chakras daily in my work?
Seeing the chakras will be a great asset in your work for both assessment and understanding of the chakra healing process.  This will be the next step in your chakras journey.
Q: I’m not sure I’ll do the work but want to learn about this, should I still join the program?
Yes, everyone can go at their own pace. All exercises and meditations are suggested.  If you are not able to be on the live calls for any reason you will get the recording immediately after the session ends.  Self-study programs are not for everyone. But if you are called in any way to something of a higher nature– you will have to reach beyond your comfort zone.  Whether you jump all the way in or simply observe the class without direct participation, your life will be richer by any measure.
I’ve always thought that indecision is a quiet form of punishment. 

But I understand it. 

We are so full of the world’s opinions about us, our choices, what’s right for someone like us, that we have forgotten to trust ourselves. We roll things over in our heads endlessly; “should I invest?” “should I join?”…

Let me help. Get quiet. Ask for guidance. What do you hear? 

You have nothing to lose, I’m assuming all the risk by making it possible for you to join the program, get into the modules, sink into the meditations and let the sounds wash over and heal you, and use the bonus materials for a full 30 days risk free. 

ONLY $197

or 2 easy payments of $113.50 each

The Real Cost

We often make decisions based on time or money alone. But what it costs in time and money to learn to open to all that life has for you, to learn to see through the chakras and manifest your hidden potential, is priceless when you really think about what that will open up for you.

And deciding not to invest in yourself, not to say “Yes” to this rare opportunity to work with a master healer live, well, what will that really cost you? 

What will be different in six months or one year if you do nothing different?

If you’re serious about “HARNESSING THE HEALING POWER OF THE CHAKRAS” so you can share your unique gifts with the world and serve and inspire others, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and the world to take this one-of-a-kind training.  

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

You won’t regret it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

P.S. I’ve got a question. If you feel you are called to more fully use your gifts of psychic and healing vision but you don’t join me, what will you do instead? Whatever you decide, my wish for you is that you will choose to live your highest mission from a place of fearlessness to grow and become more than you ever imagined.

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